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Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock Pink Prom Gown with Puff Sleeves and Tie Back Bow Appx Size Extra Small (1980s) – $98.00
This looks like a dress one of the Footloose dancers wore at the end of the movie when they finally got to legally dance! I’m going to legally dance in celebration of this wonder! There is literally nothing wrong with this dress, it is all things beautiful and gorgeous. My favourite favourite part of it though is the crinoline. I’m such a sucker for crinolines. This one is extra stiff and full and makes the dress lay so beautifully! Oh, perfect pink bow dress, how I love thee!

Gunne Sax Vintage Gothic Black Lace Ruffle Bodice Maxi Dress With Satin and Purple Lace Details Appx Size Extra Small (1970s) = $74.00
This is such a perfect gothic prom gown! Or wedding gown! Black is romantic! It could also be worn casually and that’s the sign of a flawless dress. It’s so well made, in such beautiful condition, and the lace and satin details slay me. Purple lace, you guys!

Gunne Sax Vintage Blue Floral Print Boho Prairie Sundress Appx Size Extra Small (1970s) – $68.00
What an absolutely perfect little sundress! I especially appreciate the polka dot tie back and detail against the floral print. Pattern mixing requires fashion courage!

Gunne Sax Vintage Boho Burgundy Floral Print Prairie Dress With Lace and Velvet Details Appx Size Extra Small (1970s) – $64.00
Oh boy is this dress ever a doll! It’s adorned with the prettiest red satin ribbon and black lace and yummy velvet details and ties in the back in a big pretty bow and has wonderful deep darling pockets and I am SO IN LOVE! What a perfect dress.

Vintage Blue Floral Peplum Patchwork Gunne Sax Style Peasant Dress Appx Size Extra Small/Small (1970s) – $42.00
(This isn’t a Gunne Sax dress, but it’s very much the same style. Her more affordable cousin!)
The weather is sunny and warm and all I want to do is look at sundresses! Here’s an extra beautiful darling. There’s that peplum again, trying to steal my heart! I love the ribbon detail and gorgeous patchwork. Summer, you guys!



Marvel at the sumptuous wonders of these high-end designer beauties from the 80s! Buy them and take 20% off your order at the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop with the coupon code APRILMAY. Mmm, affordable luxury!

Emanuel Ungaro Vintage Leather Mini Dress Appx Size Small (1980s) – $540.00
I just researched this dress and ended up lost in an Ungaro wonderland! Like, I had to stop myself from looking at pictures of Ungaro’s Balenciaga designs, but then I started looking up pictures of Ungaro himself and then I kept looking back and forth between the dress and similar listings online and then I started CRYING. Designer items like this just move me, you guys. I’m swooning so hard for this elegant, sassy vixen. The cut is perfectly 80s and the leather is sumptuous. It’s so decidedly Ungaro too. It’s a real treasure. And I’m selling it for a deal because I very much want this lady to have a home.

Coach Vintage Leather Briefcase (1980s) – $100.00
Oh man, I love a good soft buttery leather, and this baby’s got it! Coach bags are so iconic and this one is just so 80s, it’s thrilling to hold and feel its energy! Uh oh, I’m getting all designer poetic again. But seriously! This is lush perfection and should be yours!

G-III Leather Dress with Shoulder Buckles and Zippers and Hip Zippers Size Medium (1980s) – $58.00
I grew up in the mid-west where hair metal RULED HARD and every single woman I wanted to grow up and be owned a dress similar to this. It’s so bold, so frisky, so vintage freakum-dress. And unique! The dress itself is such a conversation piece, when it’s wrapped around a body there’s even more to say. I adore it!



I was in a really good mood the other day so I only posted gorgeous gothic gowns! Let’s look at them now!

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Vintage Black Crepe Dress With Sash and Satin Cuffs Appx Size Small (1940s) – $86.00
This dress is a goth dream! Morticia Addams realness! So dark! So romantic! So witchy! The silk and satin blend so prettily together and that sash on the hip just sends me! So beautiful!

Bergdorf Goodman Vintage Black Silk Dress With Velvet Flowers Appx Size Medium (1940s) – $48.00
This sunny spring weather is making me so happy. I celebrate springtime with short shorts, bare feet, and goth-in-the-sun velvet goodness! I love everything about this dress and marvel, as always, at gowns this age in such pristine condition! Well loved vintage beauty!

Vintage Black Cocktail Dress With Lace Cut Outs Appx Size Small (1940s) – $82.00
Oh lace, how I love thee. This dress uses lace detail in such a gorgeous, unique way. The rest of the dress is so simple, such a lovely flattering cut with the most perfect lace flair on the shoulders. Stunning!

Miss Brooks Vintage Black Cocktail Dress With Velvet Trim Neckline and Bustle Appx Size Small (1950s) – $68.00
The bustle on this dress is KILLING ME! It’s a femme goth dream and I can’t stop petting it! The velvet trim is dreamy too. The dress is so substantial and lush. I’m off to go write it a spooky love letter!

Vintage Black Peplum Bustle Dress With Three Quarter Length Sleeves Appx Size Medium (1950s) – $86.00
The finest witchery exists in this dress! It’s so simple and enchanting! I’m deeply and madly in love!

Suzy Perette Black Velvet Long Sleeve Dress With Rhinestone Belt Appx Size 8 (1960s) – $46.00
This dress’s velvet is so soft and lush I just want to pet it for days! VELVET YOU GUYS! VELVET! What a stunning, elegant gown.

Vintage Black Beaded Floral Satin Wiggle Dress With Sheer Sleeves Appx Size Small/Medium (1960s) – $62.00
The beading on this dress is insane! I can’t stop staring at it! So much stunning detail. What a unique gown.



The Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop is getting nice and full of beauties. Here are my Top 5 most recent listings that I really want someone to take home!

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Vintage Velvet Floor Length Gown With Beaded Butterfly Appx Size Medium (1940s) – $62.00
This dress is EVERYTHING! Everyone at the shop and all my friends and every passer-by on the street who I make look at this dress agrees. I described it on the Etsy Shop as Morticia Addams in the spring. I’m sure Morticia is a bit cranky in April because all that sunshine is on its way, so she cheers herself by wearing this gown that brings springtime to her bodice without her actually having to leave the house. Buy this dress and do a spell and take pictures because I want to see!

Vintage Champagne Floral Embroidered Shirt Dress with Belt Appx Size Medium (1960s) – $48.00
This is a really special dress, you guys. It has so much inviting detail and is so lovingly made. It makes me happy to look at/touch this beautiful dress. If it fit me I would take her home and introduce her to all my other dresses, but it does not, so I must send her to another closet!

Vintage Blue and White Striped Day Dress and Cropped Jacket With Floral Embellishments Appx Size Small (1950s) – $64.00
When I started working at Red Light I found this dress and fell madly in love. Then I found the sweet little jacket separated from its dress companion and I reunited them and it feels so good! The details on this dress are outstanding and it’s so decidedly vintage! Love love!

Vintage Navy Blue Floral Party Dress With Bow Back and Satin and Tulle Lined Crinoline Appx Size Small (1950s) – $54.00
Of course the bows on the back kill me. I love bows! I also have such a weakness for tulle ESPECIALLY red tulle! So that yummy edge of tulle along the hem of the skirt KILLS ME! I’m just gonna say it: this is the perfect dress! Buy it and endlessly spin in your gown full of sass!

Kenrose Vintage Gingham Cotton Day Dress with Lace Trim and Pockets Appx Size Small/Medium (1940s) – $74.00
I get such a thrill from a dress from the 40s in such beautiful condition, well made and well preserved. This dress cast a spell on me and now I can think of nothing but its wonder!


Red Hat & Red Lips at Red Light


Oh, red! Beautiful crimson perfection! Becky is wearing a darling scarlet hat she found at the Red Light store this week. Soon she will bring her charming style to the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop as a Red Light model!

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