Elvis Sees All


This iconic Elvis lamp shines a beacon of cool at the Broadway branch of Red Light Vintage and Costume. Mr. Presley himself would surely be happy to shop the racks flowing with vintage leather, denim and rock t-shirts.



London’s Swinging Sixties

I’m celebrating my fondness for the in-your-face Mick Jagger swagger in the best place where time is on fashion’s side, Red Light Vintage & Costume. A big inspiration for me is London’s swinging sixties; when the nonchalant and sunglass clad defied the style police and in turn arrested us with their confident strut and cool cat control. Maybe that’s why I threw in so much leopard print!
I also chose clothes with bold lines and a tight fit, traditional staples with an edgy twist, and incorporated versatile earth tones and tough leather. All of which I think embody the sensibility of a rock star.

By Marion

Rock Rocks

Rock ‘n Roll Forever, Man.

A great vintage Rock t-shirt is, like, awesome. Gets you compliments. Could get you invited to places you’ve always want to go. That t-shirt, paired with those jeans that make your ass look great, could change your whole life.

Costumes Galore

We have just about anything that your heart desires. Kooky, spooky, glam and gorgeous are all available to satisfy your creative impulses. Sure, a regular old Fat Elvis costume will do. But wouldn’t Elvis the Alien get you the attention you crave?