High Seas Honeys

This is my summertime/maritime window: A posh yacht club of powerful ladies out on the open sea enjoying the luxuries available to them. It’s a classic nautical color scheme of red, white, and navy blue with gold thrown in as an accent. Before the window was put together I knew I wanted an appealing swimsuit window that was both classic and at the same time accessible to the passer-by who may not know much about vintage. The nautical theme came first; I wanted sailor-esque women in swimsuits. Then the red and white dress arrived in the store, and I decided I wanted there to be a captain, and thus the High Sea Honeys were born! Part of the inspiration for the way the ladies are dressed comes from the movie Overboard starring the lovely Goldie Hawn. I love her absurd posh 80’s outfits in the beginning of the film, cutsie little bathing suits with big chunky jewelry and fabulous accessories. As an art student I am crazy about color composition and it is a signature in my displays that the color composition is vivid, balanced, well planned, and stimulating!

By Courtney