"All the ingredients for hipster street cred." – Seattle Weekly

Our Philosophy

Red Light has been a Seattle destination since 1996. We don’t have a typical customer, but rather a diverse group of people who share a love for something rare, well made and unique. We’re happy to serve many loyal customers, some who have been with us for years, as well as a new generation of teens who are just discovering Red Light. We also work with collectors, dealers and people who purchase our merchandise to resell in their own store in the USA, overseas or online.

Red Light is a locally owned, environmentally responsible and community oriented company.


Colorful men's vintage shirts


Our staff enjoys above market wages and benefits for retail employees. They also receive generous clothing discounts.  We provide support our employees’ education and families with flexible scheduling.

We care about the environment. Our stores are lighted with energy efficient systems and bulbs. We recycle all cardboard, paper, packaging Styrofoam peanuts, and anything else we possibly can. Most of our hangers are second use, from a downtown boutique. We donate used clothing to non-profits such as Goodwill and Millionair’s Club.

Many of the people who sell clothing to us are locals who depend on us for income. Some are single moms who go picking for clothes with their children, then sell them to us. We pay our suppliers the best prices we can, so we can offer our customers a phenomenal selection of high quality merchandise. Many of our suppliers tell us that we pay more than our competitors. We like it that way.

We support our neighbors by regularly sponsoring community events, including music, poetry, arts, street fairs, and the Gay Pride Parade.