Spring Fling

The birds are singing. Blue skies are around the corner. Throw off your winter coat and pull together a spring ensemble. You’ll feel so good wearing a sunny tank top and vintage jeans with cork wedge sandals. Red Light offers stylish new clothing that complements their fabulous vintage fashions.

Red Party Dress

Elegant red dress

Need a Red Dress?  Come to Red Light!  Whether you
want to surprise your special someone on the 14th, turn heads at the Red Dress
Party on the 18th, or steal the show at your Oscar Party on the 26th, February
is full of opportunities to feature your fave red formal wear.  At Red
Light, we’ve had our eye out for the most dazzling, delectable, and devilish
dresses.  Not to mention the matching boas and bejeweled bags.  All
at a price that will be sure to leave your friends green with envy!

Thanks for the Halloween Spectacular


Red Light display window - The Seventh Seal


Phew!  Another busy October comes to a close.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Here at Red Light we had wild one.
Oh, the candy corn!  The zany costumes!  The zombie carnage!
It was spectacular.

And the best part was seeing all of your creations come to

Thanks so much for making Red Light a part of your Halloween
tradition – we love seeing what you guys come up with.

And don’t forget!  Our infamous costume room is open
365 days a year!  That’s right, my friend.  We’re the spookiest spot
in town all year ’round!

Photo:  Haloween window display by Marion inspired by Ingmar
Bergman’s 1957 film, The Seventh Seal.  Set in the time of the Black Death, it
tells the tale of a Medieval night returning home from the crusades and his
encounter with death.  Spooky supreme!

By Kyle



Ready for that ultimate summer getaway in paradise? Well what better way to go than in beautiful vintage Hawaiian prints you couldn’t say no to at Red Light? I am a nut for vintage Hawaiian dresses! When I first got the idea for a Hawaiian window I wished so much that we had a 1950’s Hawaiian Shaheen halter dress or even a Kamehameha! But alas such beauties are hard to come by, but I must say the substitutes I found are just as lovely! I get a lot of inspiration from films in many aspects of my life and this window is no different. My vision was brought to life with the help of Elvis in the 1961 hit “Blue Hawaii”, I wanted to replicate the technicolor dream in classic Hawaiian prints and bright colors. Once I started looking at the inventory it didn’t take long to put this grouping together, trying my best to inspire “Rock-A-Hula-Baby!”

by Courtney

London’s Swinging Sixties

I’m celebrating my fondness for the in-your-face Mick Jagger swagger in the best place where time is on fashion’s side, Red Light Vintage & Costume. A big inspiration for me is London’s swinging sixties; when the nonchalant and sunglass clad defied the style police and in turn arrested us with their confident strut and cool cat control. Maybe that’s why I threw in so much leopard print!
I also chose clothes with bold lines and a tight fit, traditional staples with an edgy twist, and incorporated versatile earth tones and tough leather. All of which I think embody the sensibility of a rock star.

By Marion

High Seas Honeys

This is my summertime/maritime window: A posh yacht club of powerful ladies out on the open sea enjoying the luxuries available to them. It’s a classic nautical color scheme of red, white, and navy blue with gold thrown in as an accent. Before the window was put together I knew I wanted an appealing swimsuit window that was both classic and at the same time accessible to the passer-by who may not know much about vintage. The nautical theme came first; I wanted sailor-esque women in swimsuits. Then the red and white dress arrived in the store, and I decided I wanted there to be a captain, and thus the High Sea Honeys were born! Part of the inspiration for the way the ladies are dressed comes from the movie Overboard starring the lovely Goldie Hawn. I love her absurd posh 80’s outfits in the beginning of the film, cutsie little bathing suits with big chunky jewelry and fabulous accessories. As an art student I am crazy about color composition and it is a signature in my displays that the color composition is vivid, balanced, well planned, and stimulating!

By Courtney