The Original Miami Vicegator

A lot of costume parties are themed but if you want to stand out in the crowd an easy way to add new flair to a costume is to combine ideas.
For an 80’s party “Miami Vice” might jump into your mind, but how about adding a hint of Miami by being a gator?! You can rest assured you’ll be the only Don Johnson they’ll be talking about.

by Marion

Hamburglar! Mixing Vintage & New For Halloween

Creating a Halloween costume can be harrowing- especially at the last minute! Not only do we carry complete costume sets, but we also offer a monstrous variety of new and used costume pieces. Our Hamburglar wears a striped shirt, black eye mask, black hat and red gloves and he’s on his way to hamburger paradise! (The cape and giant burger hat are vintage and the other pieces are new.)

By Marion

Mad for Accessories

The essentials for the ladies in “Mad Men.” Heels, matching hat and bag. You’ve got to look your best if you want to make it in this business…


Preparing to dress as Don Draper for Halloween this year? Two things a mad man wouldn’t leave the house without: classy leather shoes and a trusty cigarette case.

by Marion

Mad for Men and Women

Mad Men is a hit TV show centered around the working men of an advertising agency in the late 50s-early 60’s. The attitude, the machismo, and the time warp this show provided wooed its fans. We easily recreated the look with authentic vintage attire we carry every day.

by Marion

Fire Up the Mystery Machine!


Easy costume ideas for the Scooby Gang


Scooby Gang:

Fire up the Mystery Machine!  Here’s a quick, easy, and
super groovy group costume idea:  The Scooby Gang!  Halloween is the
perfect time to get in touch with your inner ‘meddling kid,’ so grab some pals
and pop into Red Light to find all the duds required for Fred, Daphne, Velma,
George, and, of course, Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

By Kyle