Steampunk Halloween

I found a vintage bustle skirt, vintage velvet blazer, vintage frilly white blouse and added classic steampunk accessories– Top hat with bow, gold goggles,a pocketwatch necklace and a victorian looking costume brooch.  We have a HUUUUUGE stock pile of steam punk items.

Add Sepia tone to your photos and BAM ! its like you’ve travelled through time!

-by Marion


Victoriana of the future

One of the newer additions to the Halloween scene, Steampunk
is a look with big style and enormous potential for creativity.  Mad
Scientists, aeronauts, explorers, and inventors populate the Steampunk realm
which draws influences from both the Victorian era and the future. Think
top hats meets tesla coils.  For the truly diehard ‘punks, Red Light is
the only place you’ll find clothing actually FROM the Victorian era this Halloween.
Plus, we’ve got a serious selection of faux facial hair, and enough keys,
monocles, and antiquated accoutrements to leave you up to your ears in goggles
and gears!

By Kyle