Halloween Preview – Red Light University

Halloween Preview – University Way

We have been hard at work acquiring new, used & vintage costumes & accessories to bring you everything you need for this Halloween.

Check out a few “sneak peeks” and explore the rest in person!

Fancy for your feet




Costumes Galore




Hats & Helmets & Turbans… Oh My!





Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Which is your favorite ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW character?

Red Light Vintage & Costume loves ROCKY! (seen in University location window)



Create a single character or come in as a group and let us outfit you all. We’re ready to help you at either one of our locations, on Capitol Hill or University District.

Fire Up the Mystery Machine!


Easy costume ideas for the Scooby Gang


Scooby Gang:

Fire up the Mystery Machine!  Here’s a quick, easy, and
super groovy group costume idea:  The Scooby Gang!  Halloween is the
perfect time to get in touch with your inner ‘meddling kid,’ so grab some pals
and pop into Red Light to find all the duds required for Fred, Daphne, Velma,
George, and, of course, Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

By Kyle

High Seas Honeys

This is my summertime/maritime window: A posh yacht club of powerful ladies out on the open sea enjoying the luxuries available to them. It’s a classic nautical color scheme of red, white, and navy blue with gold thrown in as an accent. Before the window was put together I knew I wanted an appealing swimsuit window that was both classic and at the same time accessible to the passer-by who may not know much about vintage. The nautical theme came first; I wanted sailor-esque women in swimsuits. Then the red and white dress arrived in the store, and I decided I wanted there to be a captain, and thus the High Sea Honeys were born! Part of the inspiration for the way the ladies are dressed comes from the movie Overboard starring the lovely Goldie Hawn. I love her absurd posh 80’s outfits in the beginning of the film, cutsie little bathing suits with big chunky jewelry and fabulous accessories. As an art student I am crazy about color composition and it is a signature in my displays that the color composition is vivid, balanced, well planned, and stimulating!

By Courtney

Rock Rocks

Rock ‘n Roll Forever, Man.

A great vintage Rock t-shirt is, like, awesome. Gets you compliments. Could get you invited to places you’ve always want to go. That t-shirt, paired with those jeans that make your ass look great, could change your whole life.