Wall ‘O Wigs

Wall O' Wigs

At some point, everyone needs a wig. Or, several wigs, at various milestones in life, as the case may be. Red Light Vintage & Costume DOES wigs. If you can imagine a look that involves a fabulous hairstyle, we have a wig that will be perfect for you. Let your imagination really go wild! Buy one for the weekend! Wear a wig to a potluck.

London’s Swinging Sixties

I’m celebrating my fondness for the in-your-face Mick Jagger swagger in the best place where time is on fashion’s side, Red Light Vintage & Costume. A big inspiration for me is London’s swinging sixties; when the nonchalant and sunglass clad defied the style police and in turn arrested us with their confident strut and cool cat control. Maybe that’s why I threw in so much leopard print!
I also chose clothes with bold lines and a tight fit, traditional staples with an edgy twist, and incorporated versatile earth tones and tough leather. All of which I think embody the sensibility of a rock star.

By Marion