Elvis Sees All


This iconic Elvis lamp shines a beacon of cool at the Broadway branch of Red Light Vintage and Costume. Mr. Presley himself would surely be happy to shop the racks flowing with vintage leather, denim and rock t-shirts.





Ready for that ultimate summer getaway in paradise? Well what better way to go than in beautiful vintage Hawaiian prints you couldn’t say no to at Red Light? I am a nut for vintage Hawaiian dresses! When I first got the idea for a Hawaiian window I wished so much that we had a 1950’s Hawaiian Shaheen halter dress or even a Kamehameha! But alas such beauties are hard to come by, but I must say the substitutes I found are just as lovely! I get a lot of inspiration from films in many aspects of my life and this window is no different. My vision was brought to life with the help of Elvis in the 1961 hit “Blue Hawaii”, I wanted to replicate the technicolor dream in classic Hawaiian prints and bright colors. Once I started looking at the inventory it didn’t take long to put this grouping together, trying my best to inspire “Rock-A-Hula-Baby!”

by Courtney

Rock Rocks

Rock ‘n Roll Forever, Man.

A great vintage Rock t-shirt is, like, awesome. Gets you compliments. Could get you invited to places you’ve always want to go. That t-shirt, paired with those jeans that make your ass look great, could change your whole life.