A Frozen Moment in Time – Abandoned Buildings & Other Beauties

While searching online I came across this amazing article on photographer Niki Feijen, who is known for his haunting & beautiful photos of abandoned homes & other places around the world. You get the feeling that some one literally ran out the door in the middle of a moment & may be back at any moment.

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Photograph by: Niki Feijen - Click to read the entire article.



By Mead

Halloween Party This Weekend? There’s Still Time…

You still have plenty of time to get your costume & we still have tons of costumes waiting for you at both our Red Light Vintage & Costume Capitol Hill & University Locations.  

Vintage pieces & new costume sets, too many to list, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

“Stinkin Cute Skunk”

“Classic Flight Attendant”  &  “Captain”

“Berry Beauty”  &  “Pink Princess”

“The Tin Man”  &  “Rap Star”

“Poodle Skirt” – Mini & Knee Length

“Daisy Bee”

“Sexy Sailor Pin-Up”  ——–  “WWII Private”  ——–  “WWII Sailor Gal”

Come in now & let us help you find the perfect look.


Red Light Employee Costumes

There is still time to get the perfect costume for Halloween!

Here are some great costumes by our creative Red Light Vintage & Costume employees. Come to either our Broadway or University location & let them help you get the best look.

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Photos added daily through Halloween.






Red Light Vintage & Costume has what you need!





Mad for Men and Women

Mad Men is a hit TV show centered around the working men of an advertising agency in the late 50s-early 60’s. The attitude, the machismo, and the time warp this show provided wooed its fans. We easily recreated the look with authentic vintage attire we carry every day.

by Marion

Aged to Perfection

Old does not mean out-dated. Vintage pieces offer craftsmanship and elegance rarely seen in today’s instant-satisfaction super highway. Pictured here are a 1950’s cigarette case, a stunning belt from the early 19th century, a 1920’s multi-level compact, and a compact mirror from the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. Everyday items with uncommon beauty.

by Marion

Classic Summer

Summer isn’t all about flip flops and tank tops and letting it all hang loose. You can remain cool and classy in Hepburn-esque ensembles pairing 50’s Shaheen hawaiian print and fun toned light cotton trousers.

By Marion