Fabulous Black and Glittery Party Wear



Here at Red Light, we are proud of celebrating fashion throughout the ages, but you might not realize we always have an ear to the ground about the ‘here-and-now’ must haves for the season. Party coming up and want to look fabulous? We offer a selection of NEW pieces for the upcoming holidays that our great together or paired with something vintage.
These are NEW glitter-collar blouse, faux leather studded skirt, sequin bra top and cross hair clip paired with VINTAGE black pumps.

by Marion

Mad for Accessories

The essentials for the ladies in “Mad Men.” Heels, matching hat and bag. You’ve got to look your best if you want to make it in this business…


Preparing to dress as Don Draper for Halloween this year? Two things a mad man wouldn’t leave the house without: classy leather shoes and a trusty cigarette case.

by Marion