These dresses are all sweet springtime darlings and I want you to buy them so I priced them all under $40.00. Treat yourself, my loves! And shop the Red Light Vintage Shop for more yummy treats!

Jane Schaffhausen Belle France Vintage Purple and Pink Floral Strapless Sundress Size 12 (1980s) – $36.00

Jams World Vintage Grunge Midi Dress With Novelty Face Print Size XS (1990s) – $30.00

Vintage Yellow Nautical Sailor Sun Dress Size 8 (1980s) – $36.00

Candi Jones Vintage Boho Floral Print Dress with Contrast Trim and Ruffled Hem Size 7 (1970s) – $32.00

Vintage Plus Size Pink and Purple Folk Print Peasant Dress (1970s) – $24.00

Vintage Pastel Blue Tulip Print Mini Dress Vintage Size 12 (1970s) – $36.00

Morton Myles for Jeunesse Vintage Pink Floral Print Party Dress Size Appx. Size Medium (1960s) – $32.00



I fall into a bit of a romantic nostalgia dream here with these two perfectly delightful plus size 90s blouses!

The Limited Vintage Heart Print Button Down Silk Blouse Size Large (1990s) – $24.00
Oh man, I freaking loved The Limited when I was a kid! It was the cool version of Lerner, the junior sized version of Lane Bryant. It was magical! Silk tops were all the rage in the early-mid 90s and usually I could only afford rayon shirts, but oh boy, when a silk top from The Limited came into my life, I would celebrate! This top is in such perfect shape and so utterly fantastic! Too darling!

Diane Gilman Vintage Navy and Leopard Print Silk Button Down Blouse with Sequinned Snow Leopard Size Large (1990s) – $32.00
Is there anything better than a bedazzled cat sprawled across your chest? NO. THERE IS NOT. BUY THIS BLOUSE.



EDIT: The Dior is sold! The Missoni is still looking for a home!

Vintage designer label items give me LIFE, and these both fit me, so I was able to shimmy into them and swoon before preparing them for their forever homes. Details of these two special treats below! The 20% off sale on the Red Light Vintage Shop is almost over, so get yourself over there and take 20% off your total purchase with the coupon SPRINGSALE.

Christian Dior Loungewear Vintage Floral Print Dressing Gown Size Small/Medium (1960s) – $60.00
Weeping at the beauty of this gown! It makes me want to completely redesign my apartment into a 1960s/1970s opium den and just smoke cigarettes attached to ivory cigarette holders and work on my cat eye and drink cocktails and never leave the house! This gown would flatter both a slim or a curvy bod because it is made of magic!

Missoni Geometric Print Plus Size Dress with Asymmetrical Hem (1980s) – $64.00
It’s like the spirit of the 80s gathered together and moved into this dress! The hem! The sleeves! The print! It’s perfect! And plus size too so a curvalicious beauty can shimmy her curves into this chic and comfy cotton dress. This dress is literally too hip to be square!


NEW IN THE RED LIGHT VINTAGE ETSY SHOP: Anna Sui; Diane Von Furstenberg; Oscar de la Renta

EDIT: The Anna Sui found a home! The Diane Von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta are still available!

Bo-notes on these very important pieces new to the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop:

Anna Sui: Excuse me while I weep at the beauty that was fashion in my teen years. This dress looks brand new and feels amazing! It can be styled in so many scrumptious ways – as an homage to yummy grunge fashion or with a modern twist. You choose! Either way, you and this dress will be very best friends! A good sun dress is a treat and this dress is truly decadent.

Diane Von Furstenberg: This gown is so 70s disco meets 80s Dynasty that I could WEEP! Rhinestones are my LIFE!

Oscar de la Renta: Yes this dress looks like it was tailor-made for a Christmas event, but you know what I say? Velvet is for every season! I’ll wear this dress in July, I don’t care! GOTH 4 LIFE!


NEW IN THE RED LIGHT VINTAGE ETSY SHOP: Emilio Pucci Slip Dresses You Guys!


We’re featuring three outstandingly stunning Emilio Pucci slip dresses in the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop. Each dress is so perfect for role playing one of Don Draper’s west coast lovers! They’re so chic and lush and perfectly seductive. The dresses retail at other thrift stores for up to $200 dollars, but I love you and I love Pucci and I want you to take these beauties home so I’m selling them for much less! For a limited time take home anything from the Etsy Shop for 20% off with the coupon code SPRINGSALE. Go shop, my loves!


Red Hat & Red Lips at Red Light


Oh, red! Beautiful crimson perfection! Becky is wearing a darling scarlet hat she found at the Red Light store this week. Soon she will bring her charming style to the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop as a Red Light model!

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Way 1! Visit the Red Light Vintage Store located in Seattle’s University District at 4560 University Way NE. The store is open Monday-Saturday 11AM-8PM and Sundays 11AM-7PM. Shopping the store is a thrift dream! There is so much to admire/try on/take home, and the staff is so fun! Go visit and play dress-up with all the outstandingly affordable beauties!

Way 2! Visit the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop. Vintage designer labels and rare vintage labels are featured. You will swoon! Contact the Etsy manager Bo at redlightvintageshop@gmail.com and she will shop with you and help you find the best items to be delivered right to your door! Seattle customers are welcome to come to the store and try on items found on Etsy. Just contact Bo about the items you would like to purchase.

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For a limited time receive 20% off all items in the Red Light Vintage Etsy shop with the coupon code SPRINGSALE. Sale ends very soon, so go shop!


NEW IN THE RED LIGHT VINTAGE ETSY SHOP: 1970s Diane von Furstenberg Vintage Wrap Dress Plus Size 12

EDIT: This beauty is sold!

When this dress came into the shop I gasped and teared up and immediately tried this beauty on! How can anyone have any reaction other than one of complete pleasure at finding such an iconic dress in such beautiful shape? Buy this dress and treat it with the same care as you would a loved one. It’s that precious! It’s also scrumptiously priced at only $120.00 with a limited-time 20% off coupon. Use the code SPRINGSALE at check-out. Click here for sizing, purchasing, and shipping details!