Marvel at the sumptuous wonders of these high-end designer beauties from the 80s! Buy them and take 20% off your order at the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop with the coupon code APRILMAY. Mmm, affordable luxury!

Emanuel Ungaro Vintage Leather Mini Dress Appx Size Small (1980s) – $540.00
I just researched this dress and ended up lost in an Ungaro wonderland! Like, I had to stop myself from looking at pictures of Ungaro’s Balenciaga designs, but then I started looking up pictures of Ungaro himself and then I kept looking back and forth between the dress and similar listings online and then I started CRYING. Designer items like this just move me, you guys. I’m swooning so hard for this elegant, sassy vixen. The cut is perfectly 80s and the leather is sumptuous. It’s so decidedly Ungaro too. It’s a real treasure. And I’m selling it for a deal because I very much want this lady to have a home.

Coach Vintage Leather Briefcase (1980s) – $100.00
Oh man, I love a good soft buttery leather, and this baby’s got it! Coach bags are so iconic and this one is just so 80s, it’s thrilling to hold and feel its energy! Uh oh, I’m getting all designer poetic again. But seriously! This is lush perfection and should be yours!

G-III Leather Dress with Shoulder Buckles and Zippers and Hip Zippers Size Medium (1980s) – $58.00
I grew up in the mid-west where hair metal RULED HARD and every single woman I wanted to grow up and be owned a dress similar to this. It’s so bold, so frisky, so vintage freakum-dress. And unique! The dress itself is such a conversation piece, when it’s wrapped around a body there’s even more to say. I adore it!