NEW IN THE RED LIGHT VINTAGE ETSY SHOP: Anna Sui; Diane Von Furstenberg; Oscar de la Renta

EDIT: The Anna Sui found a home! The Diane Von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta are still available!

Bo-notes on these very important pieces new to the Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop:

Anna Sui: Excuse me while I weep at the beauty that was fashion in my teen years. This dress looks brand new and feels amazing! It can be styled in so many scrumptious ways – as an homage to yummy grunge fashion or with a modern twist. You choose! Either way, you and this dress will be very best friends! A good sun dress is a treat and this dress is truly decadent.

Diane Von Furstenberg: This gown is so 70s disco meets 80s Dynasty that I could WEEP! Rhinestones are my LIFE!

Oscar de la Renta: Yes this dress looks like it was tailor-made for a Christmas event, but you know what I say? Velvet is for every season! I’ll wear this dress in July, I don’t care! GOTH 4 LIFE!