Dorothy or Sexy Dorothy?

Don’t let the candy and tomfoolery fool you, Halloween can be
a stressful time.  Do I go to the pumpkin carving party or to the concert?
Should I be Dorothy? Or Sexy Dorothy?!  And, most importantly, is
this petticoat making a positive impact on my posterior?!? (It is.
They’re amazing.)


At Red Light we’ve got costumes GALORE.  What’s more, we’ve got a stellar staff of halloween gurus who are more than happy to help you create the costume of your dreams.  Need help coming up with ideas?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are three cheap, easy, and fun costume ideas from our team:


BIKINI BARISTA:  Could.  Not.  Be.
Easier.  Throw on a faux bikini tee and grab a glass to go.
It’s sexy AND conservative!  And hysterical!!!


CLASSIC SKELE:  A costume that involves a cozy
sweatshirt and $3 makeup?  Yes please!


80’s KNIGHT:  Puns are amazing.  The eighties are
amazing.  You do the math.