Halloween Preview – Red Light University

Halloween Preview – University Way

We have been hard at work acquiring new, used & vintage costumes & accessories to bring you everything you need for this Halloween.

Check out a few “sneak peeks” and explore the rest in person!

Fancy for your feet




Costumes Galore




Hats & Helmets & Turbans… Oh My!





Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Which is your favorite ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW character?

Red Light Vintage & Costume loves ROCKY! (seen in University location window)



Create a single character or come in as a group and let us outfit you all. We’re ready to help you at either one of our locations, on Capitol Hill or University District.

Get the Celebrity Look – Fantasy Unicorn!

Bring a Unicorn Fantasy to life this Halloween











Available at both of our Seattle Red Light Vintage & Costume locations.

We ‘re happy to help you create this look with make-up & accessories
that are sure to make you stand out!
“Fantasy Unicorn” includes sequin trimmed tutu dress, detachable clear straps & LED light up plush rainbow horn headband.
Unicorn Make-up Ideas
Use lots of color and make a rainbow or go for soft blissful whites & golds.
Play until you get the perfect details to finish off your costume & make it your own. Ask us for tips & ideas.

Halloween Masks!

Many of our favorite childhood memories of Halloween include masks.

Masks are scary, funny, creepy, strange and pretty, depicting popular villains, heroes, heroines & famous faces. They have evolved in their realism and keep on moving forward each year. Surely there is still a perfect mask out there for you, for this Halloween.

**These masks & more can be found at the Red Light Vintage & Costume Seattle locations, while supplies last**

 —— Who or what do you want to be for the night? ——

Are you…

Creepy Scary Truck Driver


Horror Movie Hockey Mask?



Feeling HUNGRY for something a little more WILD & TOOTHY… Perhaps some GATOR MONSTER!


One must not forget our other friends from the animal kingdom

They do look a little frightened by their current companions!




Get the Celebrity Look – Sweet or Sexy Bee!

Honey, Bee all that you can Bee — Create The Look!

Halloween Bee inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities.

Playful, cute, sexy or sassy, you can Bee the kind of Bee you want to Bee!
Start with a costume and add flowers, honey bucket bracelets & earrings to finish it off & Bee unique.

Two Fabulous Costume Choices!

Available at both of our Seattle Red Light Vintage & Costume locations.
We ‘re happy to help you create these looks with make-up & accessories
that are sure to make you stand out!
“Daisy Bee” includes Sexy black/yellow stripe dress with pettticoat bottom, wings, glitter headpiece & fuzzy legwarmers with daisy applique.
“Honey Bee” includes super cute black/yellow stripe dress with petticoat bottom, wings & headpiece.

Bee Make-up Ideas
Play with lots of yellow, white & black until you get the perfect details to finish off your costume & make it your own.
Ask us for tips & ideas.

Get the Celebrity Look: Gypsy Girl Glamour

Celebrity Gypsy Garcelle Beauvais gives us gorgeous inspiration for this Halloween.
“Crystal Ball Gypsy” is available at both of our Seattle locations. It includes a coin trimmed cinched gypsy dress with ruffled skirt, puff sleeves & Matching head scarf. Show off your exotic, mysterious & alluring side. Be vibrant & colorful. Add a few crystals, tarot cards and/or a crystal ball & give your friends a “look into their future”. It’s so easy to have a blast with this costume!

We are happy to help you achieve this look with make-up & accessories to make you stand out from the rest!

Just a few different ways you can get the full Gypsy affect with great make-up with smokey eyes, reds & purples. Feel free to make it your own. Ask us for help & ideas.










Sexy Elvis Never Dies

The warden threw a party in the county jail.
The prison band was there and they began to wail.
The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing.
You should’ve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.
Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock.